This Is Goodbye - Behind The Lyrics

What's the key to a good song? The melody? The lyrics? The singer? The music? The subject matter? In my opinion it's the combination of all of these things rather than one thing taking precedence over the rest. However, the music that I listen to tends to have a good story behind the lyrics.

Lyrics are the window to the soul of a songwriter as far as I'm concerned. A good songwriter draws in their listener through the creation of a feeling that everyone can relate to and this, combined with a great hook and voice, are what can take a song from good to amazing in an instant. So, with my debut single having just been released, I thought I would let you all in on the story behind 'This Is Goodbye', in the hope that I've created that feeling and that you'll love the hook and my voice too. Fingers crossed!


You know how I feel about you

You know that there's nothing more true

You know you know you know

That I wanna be in your life

You say that you feel the same way

You say that there's stuff in our way

You say you say you say

Be patient it'll all come right


I wrote this song back in January 2015. I had known this guy for a year but had only started getting to know him about 3 months earlier. In fact, up until that point I really wasn't even sure I liked him and anything more was completely off the cards in my book! He was also seeing someone else at the time although didn't actually see her very often at all. However, we started spending more time together with mutual friends and I learnt very quickly that I shouldn't have judged this book by its cover. I fell... hard... and he did too. What he wasn't overly keen on was the process of breaking up with his current girlfriend and expected me to 'be patient it'll all come right' (direct quote from him by the way). Now I've discussed my lack of patience already in my last blog post 'With Hindsight...' so if you've read that you'll know it's not my forte.


Why does this feel like a break up

Never together but it feels so rough

Cutting my heart in two with another girl's red hot knife

Gave myself over to the hope

That you'd pull back upon on my rope

We both know it would be perfect

But this is goodbye, this is goodbye


We both knew how we felt about each other, but there was this issue that needed to be dealt with. He wanted to let her down gently, but 'there is no easy way to break a girl's heart', and I'm impatient. 'Why does this feel like a break up?' (Another direct quote - maybe I should give him a songwriters credit...). By this point, we had been spending all our time together, talking to each other everyday, so even though we weren't together it really did feel like a break up. It really did feel like he was 'cutting my heart in two with another girl's red hot knife' and we really did 'both know it would be perfect'. It went on long enough that I honestly thought he didn't care as much as I did, 'it's never gonna get that far' and so I decided 'This Is Goodbye'.


How long does it take to leave her

Do it now do it then doesn't matter

There is no easy way to break a girl's heart

Now I feel like you don't care

'Bout me as much as I dare

But now it's just too late cos it's never gonna get that far


Yes I know, the question on the tip of your tongue is 'did you actually say goodbye?' Well I hope it is anyway. And even if it isn't, here's the answer... yes, numerous times during the turbulent couple of months that followed, but that's another song.


Time to walk away, find another day, another path to go down head first

Try to move on, it's all gone wrong, leave behind the pain