The Quest For A Band

Is harder than I thought it would be! I never thought it would be easy, and maybe it's because I'm based pretty rurally, or maybe they are all members of other bands already, but in the words of Feargal Sharkey (well almost), 'A good musician these days is hard to find'!

Band silhouette
Not sure we will look like this but you get the idea!

I have managed to find a fantastic multi-talented flautist who is going to sound amazing on some of the tracks. She also plays keys and acoustic guitar along with being local so she is a real find. All I'm looking for now is a sensitive drummer i.e. not a rocker, and a bass guitarist. The question is, where are they??

Flute player
I wasn't looking for one specifically but I'm glad she found us!

Hopefully I will find them soon as the plan is to start doing local gigs early next year and some festivals in the summer. I have some great tracks coming together and I'm really keen to start getting them heard so if you know anyone in my area (Kent, UK) or have any ideas at all where I can find them please let me know!

Drum kit and sticks
Where are all the drummers??

I'm also planning on releasing a new 5 track EP this side of Christmas so make sure you sign up to my mailing list to keep up to date - I won't spam your inbox I promise!

Bass guitar
Need one of these too!