Meet The Band - Louisa Patient

It's been a while since my last blog but, since then, a band has been formed and rehearsals are now underway!

I've been blessed to find some superbly talented musicians so I thought I would introduce them to you.

First up is Louisa Patient, my fabulous bass player, who also plays numerous other instruments which keep increasing every time we talk!

Louisa will also be performing backing vocals for me - yet another string to her bow!

Louisa Patient Bass Guitar Player
Louisa Patient - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

I can read music and began playing bass in 1992. In the following few years I played for several amateur theatrical productions and joined my first band in 1997. This is where I met my husband, although we only played one gig together.

Along with my husband we then played for 2 years as a trio with a lead guitarist, then subsequently as a duo when the guitarist left.

I began playing agin with the drummer and singer from the original band along with a new lead guitarist, playing several gigs including some country music festivals.

When that finished, I joined a new covers band playing mainly Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Fogerty etc. and stayed with them for almost 5 years. I was also in another rock covers band playing AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Rolling Stones, Beatles, as well as playing mainly rhythm guitar in yet another covers band.

In 2009 I completed a 5 day bass masterclass with Steve Lawson (over a period of 5 months) and in 2011 attended Victor Wooten's Bass Nature Camp in USA.

For the last 6 years I have been playing in a rock/pop covers band completing 50-60 gigs a year§. Since 2013 I have also participated in several shows a year with local amateur dramatic groups, including 2 years playing upright double bass, my first of which I acquired in October 2017.