I Wish That I'd Known You Then - Behind The Lyrics

I've already posted the story behind one of my songs, 'This Is Goodbye' and this track, 'I Wish That I'd Known You Then', from my debut EP 'A Long Way From Home', is about the build up to that relationship.



I met this chap at the same time as a few others in his group of friends and initially didn't feel any sort of attraction to him at all. I wasn't even remotely interested, my eye had been caught by someone else at the time. I saw him on a regular basis though in various areas of my life and he had made it clear that he was interested. As I said in my blog post on 'This Is Goodbye', I did finally start to get to know him about 10 months or so after I met him, and the other guy was now out of the picture, however I was too late as, at this point, he was seeing someone else, which is where this song starts...


Didn't know that we'd get on so well

Didn't know that I'd fall for your spell

Too many distractions my actions pushed you aside

No I'm wondering why I could be so damn blind and miss out on what should have been mine


He had also said to me on numerous that I'd chosen the wrong guy to be interested in all those months ago, a phrase which turned into another key lyric for me (he really should be down as a contributor!). It was at this point that I realised I really should have given him a chance sooner.


You say I chose the wrong guy shut tight then were my eyes

Far off from the idea that you could be my one here

But now that you're hers and you can't put me first

That's when I realised

I wish that I'd known you then


It's said that you don't always appreciate someone's true qualities until they are taken away from you, and this rang very true for me at this time, even though I was publicly denying any feelings for him. I just didn't realise quite what I was missing until I couldn't have it - lesson well and truly learned, everyone deserves a chance!


Didn't know that I'd love your smile

Took away my breath for a while

Feelings bouncing heart pounding but I tried to lie

Now I'm wondering why I could be so damn blind and miss out on what should have been mine


Now if you've read my blog post 'This Is Goodbye' you'll know that this relationship had the potential to go further. I'll leave you hanging that little bit longer before I tell you the next part of the story.

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