Free Time...?

Free time when you have a baby. Oh yes, I remember... you don’t have any! As any mother will tell you, having a child is fantastically rewarding, but finding time to yourself to do something that you want to do is a rarity. When you’re not feeding, you’re cleaning. When you’re not cleaning, you’re playing. When you’re not playing, you’re changing nappies and when you’re not changing nappies, you’re trying to get them to sleep. Don’t even get me started on the washing. Those without children will say you have time to yourself once you have achieved the status of ‘sleeping baby’. It’s really not that simple... if you’re anything like me you probably have a shed load of cleaning to finish off as you had to stop umpteen times to feed, play, cuddle or change a nappy. And you probably also need the loo, or a shower, or some food, or that long forgotten thing called sleep. And you have absolutely no idea how long they will stay asleep for!

Kerrie with her two dogs, one of her cats and her small person.
Excuse me, is there room for one more? Apparently so...

So, finding the time to get back to creating music was never going to be an easy task. Not only that, I didn’t realise quite how much time was going to be needed to enable people to actually hear it when it was ready (which it’s still not...). Setting up and linking social media accounts, a website from scratch that will work properly on a pc, tablet and phone (links at the bottom of the page), designing artwork and taking decent photos, setting up MailChimp, the list seems to be endless... On a plus note, my skills on an iPad have increased tenfold! On top of all this I’ve decided to learn guitar at the same time - might as well do it all at once eh?

This leads to the question of where did I find the time? Well, it’s taken every spare second to be honest and a lot of evenings, once my 8 month old has gone to bed, cursing at the iPad because I’ve pressed the wrong button again. During the day, if Finnian is happily playing with his toys or trying to run over Carrot and Spud (the Jack Russell Terriers) in his little car I’ll grab a few minutes to do something. Thanks has to go to the dogs for being a great distraction although I do feel a little sorry for them! Finnian’s lunchtime also allows me a couple of minutes to do something as he likes to feed himself, as messy as that can be. And yes, when he is asleep during the day, like now, I get a little chunk of time to get more than just the smallest amount done. This, my first blog post, has been written during all three of those previously stated scenarios. I am now however, looking round my kitchen thinking I must get back to cleaning...